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About us

Who we are

Why cycling holidays?

Le Velo Voyageur was created in 2011 by Eugénie and Bérangère, 2 young women who were not predestined to become keen cyclists and yet!

Soon after they met at university, they undertook for the love of adventure to bike along the Danube from Passau (Germany) to the Black Sea despite little training and much experience as city mice. The first 30 kilometers were not that easy but 2.200 km further, they had lived extraordinary moments on their bikes thanks to the people they met, the landscapes they crossed and other unexpected discoveries.

After their graduation, they started another bike trip to share the pleasure of cycling holidays with others.

A travel agency dedicated to cycle tours in France

So, they were on the road again to find the best cycle routes in France and offer the nicest travel experience: many discoveries, exchanges, stunning things to see, exercise, good food and plenty of rest.

As they were cycling, meeting partners and having feedback from their growing number of guests, they improved their stamina. But most of all, they broadened their catalogue of destinations and services, keeping in mind the different wishes of travelers today.

The team of Le Velo Voyageur grew in the meantime. After cycling, a lot needs to be done: describing, mapping, answering to questions, booking, organizing, checking, printing and counting so that everything goes smooth and our guests keep un-forget-table memories of their holidays!

We have decided to offer cycling holidays only because we like to be expert at what we do and because we have many ideas to offer more (and always better) cycling holidays.

Meet our team!


  • She likes : her bike Bobby, visiting baroque churches, testing her excellent knowledge of German by speaking to Austrian and Hungarians village residents.
  • She doesn't like : too straight roads, being passed by 80 year old Austrian riders, the mount of Babadagolui.


  • She likes : the soft cushion of cycling shorts, snack breaks with chocolate biscuits, trying sign language with Serbian women or grandpas.
  • She doesn't like : Hungarian palinka at breakfast time, tan marks on the legs , sleeping next to the stereo in a Roumanian camping.
* The abuse of alcohol can harm your health, consume in moderation.


  • She likes : fluffy saddles, the smell of wine during the harvest, a hot bath after a day of cycling, a bite of "éclair au chocolat" on the road
  • She doesn't like : too steep uphills (all the more after a generous choucroute), having a red nose from the sun, riding against the wind


  • She likes : cemeteries, omelettes and fries, unexpected encounters with dogs.
  • She doesn't like : repair the chain of her bike, ride down then ride up, the wind.


  • He likes : all the cycling practices, food supplies stops, beautiful climbs with a breathtaking panorama at the top.
  • He doesn't like: very flat and monotonous roads, having greasy fingers after touching the bike chain, cleaning your mountain bike after a muddy ride.


  • He likes : small deserted country roads, mussels and fries with a good Belgian beer, the Mediterranean climate.
  • He doesn't like : riding in the rain, cars parked on cycle paths, mosquitoes.


  • He likes : very high speed descents, guitar around a campfire, golden hours.
  • He doesn't like : riding in big cities, fog (it's beautiful but not practical on a bike), freezing wind.


  • She likes : the morning sun, snack breaks, (really) warm gloves, a nice hot shower after a long rainy day.
  • She doesn't like : ill-fitted padded bike shorts, going downhill on gravel roads, face-smacking rain, hill starts.


  • She likes : drinking a lemon syrup after a good cycling day, cycling on a good quality bike, accommodation with a spa.
  • She doesn't like : riding on stony paths, bike bags that are too small, cars that overtake at full speed.


  • She likes : accommodation with a beautiful view, Camargue landscapes, charging her electric bike during the lunch break.
  • She doesn't like : big straight roads without interest, riding without knowing where to eat for lunch, saddles that hurt the buttocks.


  • She likes : taking the time to admire the landscapes while riding, zigzaging downhill, finding a waterpoint to refresh yourself during the ride.
  • She doesn't like : riding against the wind, the tan line from the t-shirt, losing the momentum.

What do we do?

Vélo Voyageur organize your turnkey trips:
accommodations' reservation, fully equiped bikes' rental, luggages' transportation, short stages on 100% tested itineraries, a road book with maps and description of the routes and a 7/7 helpline ...

The itineraries have been tested by the Vélo Voyageur team at the worst time of the year... in winter!

Find out about our passion for cycling trips