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Cycling holidays

About cycling holidays

Anyone who went on a bike trip is aware that travelling is less about the destination than the experiences you've had and the people you've met along the way.

Cycling holidays are about feeling again the thrill of freedom and being happy to slow down, giving up the frenzy of your day-to-day lives. We, Vélo Voyageur, don't believe that cycling holidays are only for adventurous backpackers. Quite opposite, we think that everyone can go on a bike trip. If one rides at his own pace on adjusted distances, anyone can discover the highlights of a region by bike, the must-sees picked by all touristic guides, but also feel those small things that bond us to a place and make us feel alive: the noises, the colors, the smells and the unexpected around the corner. You have the opportunity to stop anywhere along the way to enjoy the local culture through the contact with its inhabitants, the discovery of traditional crafts or the local gastronomy.

Cycling holidays are about choosing a convivial activity accessible to anyone.

With the family, bike trips tend to strengthen intergenerational relationships by putting together the young and the grownups and creating common unforgettable memories. In a group or with colleagues, cycling holidays are also gathering all the ages in a relaxing and funny moment.

Beyond travelling, bike trips are a source of well-being.

Biking is a soft physical activity that prevents and relieves stress and anxiety which are more and more spread in our modern societies. The experiment conducted in France allowing doctors to prescribe the use of shared bikes for their patients is a good example. Simply put, cycling holidays foster vitality! And considering the state of our planet, bike trips are a type of sustainable tourism, which respects, preserves and enhances the resources of the visited regions.