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Here are the most frequently asked questions, click on the ones that interest you to read the answer.

Covid-19 : what are the special terms of cancellation and postponement of your booking ?

In the ever-changing context of Covid-19 pandemic, we have amended our cancellation and postponement policy to give you more flexibility for your travel plans.

If there are travel restrictions in effect which make travelling impossible like :
  • closed borders or a ban on non-essential travels
  • a lockdown or restrictions on inter-regional travels
  • a shutdown for hotels
the travel will be canceled or postponed free of charge.
In case of cancellation, the total amount of the booking excluding the insurance premium will be reimbursed.
If you decide to postpone the trip, the downpayment will be kept and deducted on the amount of the later booking.

The closure of restaurants and/or a limited access to touristic sites cannot be invoked to cancel or postpone the trip free of charge. Le Vélo Voyageur together with your hosts will make all the necessary arrangements to provide meals (advance booking, delivery, meal-trays). You will be kept informed in due time if any plans need to be made regarding food or visits.

If you are positive to Covid-19 before departure or if you are put into quarantine before departure, the general cancellation and modification policy apply. However, the cancellation costs can be covered by your travel insurance.

Make sure you have a travel insurance when you book and check that your insurance provides coverage if you or one of your contact is tested positive to Covid-19.
Residents of the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway can purchase an insurance on our website when booking their trip.
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Covid-19 : what is covered by the optional insurances offered by our partner Axa Assistance on our website?

« Cancellation » insurance

The benefits of our « cancellation » insurance provided by Axa Assistance have been extended to provide better protection. The insurance covers the cancellations costs :
  • In case the beneficiary or one of its contacts is tested positive to Covid-19 before departure
  • In case the beneficiary is put into quarantine before departure, with certification of a doctor's note
  • In case the beneficiary is denied access to transportation following a temperature control (or other sanitary control) set by local authorities or the transport company.
For these reasons of cancellation, you will carry a deductible of €50 per person.

« Multirisks » insurance

The benefits of the « cancellation » insurance are also contained in this contract, coupled with:
  • The reimbursement of medical expenses abroad if the beneficiary contracts Covid-19 when travelling abroad
  • The rapatriation for medical reasons if the beneficiary contracts Covid-19 when travelling abroad, based on the decision of the medical teams
  • The reimbursement of your additional hotel expenses, breakfasts and taxi rides incurred by an impossible return after a disruption of transport due to a lockdown declared by local authorities at destination (limit of €100 per day during maximum 10 days)
  • The extension of your stay at destination because the beneciary is put into quarantine after contracting Covid-19
If the beneficiary contracts Covid-19 when travelling and needs to interrupt the trip, the amount of the pending services included in the package is not covered by the insurance policy.
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What will happen if restaurants are closed ?

If special arrangements need to be made to eat during your trip (advance booking, delivery, meal-trays), Le Velo Voyageur will keep you updated in due time according to the situation. We will make sure together with your hosts that you are properly fed during your trip.
If you booked half-board and the foreseen arrangement cannot take place, we will organize a replacement plan and will adjust the price accordingly.
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What is the general cancellation and modification policy (out of Covid-19) ?

Any cancellation from the client will generate the following cancellation fees
  • More than 30 days before departure date: 10% of the total price (insurance excluded).
  • 30 to 15 days before departure date = 25% of the total price (insurance excluded).
  • 14 to 8 days before departure date = 50% of the total price (insurance excluded).
  • 7 to 3 days of departure date = 75% of the total price (insurance excluded).
  • Within 3 days of departure and after the date of departure = 100% of the total.

Modification of your booking before the departure
Nach Anmeldung werden für jede angeforderte Änderung an den Dienstleistungen, 5% des Gesamtpreises der Reise berechnet (mindestens 50 € / Reise), wenn Le Velo Voyageur diese Nachfrage befriedigen kann. Jeder Umbuchung mit Datenänderung muss mindestens 3 Werktage vor Reiseantritt gestellt werden.
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How do I book ?

You can book online on our website or phone us or email us.
Bookings are accepted as long as there are still availabilities.

1. You book online on our website by clicking on the button "Book here" and selecting the category you wish. Your reservation will be considered firm only after receipt of the deposit payment of 30% and our confirmation of the accommodation.
If you book online and the availabilities are missing, an advisor will contact you to propose some adjustments and get your approval before he/she confirms your booking. If there is a price discrepancy, you will be reimbursed or will have to pay the difference. If you don't agree with the new arrangement proposed, the amount paid online will be repaid to you.
2. If you phone us or email us, you have to accept the trip proposal we send you on request. Your reservation will be considered firm only after receipt of the deposit payment of 30%.

The remaining balance is due the latest 30 days before departure. If the balance hasn't been paid 15 days before departure, it will be considered as a cancelation of the trip by the traveler.
If you book your trip less than 30 days before departure, the total amount of the trip is due in one go.
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What to do if my rented bike is stolen or damaged?

Our prices don’t include insurances for the bikes or the persons in the event of accidents. We strongly advise you to cover these risks with your own insurance.
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What shall I do if my rented bike has mechanical problems?

The rented bicycles are very resistant hybrid bikes, regularly maintained by cycling professionals. However, unpredictable mechanical problems can still occur. We request you to be able to do the easy repairs by yourself, like place back a chain or repair a flat tire. You will find a tutorial at the end of our road books about how to deal with these simple repairs as well as a repairing toolkit provided with your bicycles. As a last resort, the professional will come help.
If you ride your own bikes, you shall not forget to take your own repairing toolkit with recent patches and glue, sandpaper, tyre changers and a pump adjusted to your valve.
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Can I take my children on a trip?

We designed itineraries aimed at families with short stages passing mostly through cycling paths and small quiet country roads. We provide you with the appropriate equipment for your children:
  • trailer bikes for your children between 5 and 7 years old
  • bike trailers for your babies or children until 40 kg
  • baby-seats
  • etc
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Do you have tandems and electric bikes?

Except in some regions, we can provide tandems and electric bikes. There is no extra for a tandem, the extra cost for an electric bike varies depending on the rental duration. You can find the detailed rates by clicking on the button “Prices” in each trip description.
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I wish to go on a trip with a person with a disability. Is it possible?

You have to assess the disability of the person you wish to accompany. We can provide you with a tandem if suitable.
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How difficult are the tours? Are they for everyone?

We, Vélo Voyageur, design trips accessible to anyone. That's why we offer the option to rent an electric bicycle when available. Nevertheless, you have to know how to ride a bicycle and be declared able by your doctor.
The difficulty levels rank from 1 bicycle to 5 bicycles, 1 bicycle being the easiest level and 5 the most demanding.
The 1st level is open to people of any age, including children from 7 year old on their bicycles.
The 2nd level usually present some climbs but easy to ride.
The 3rd level routes are hilly but are still manageable because the distances are short.
Only the 2 last levels require an athletic condition.
If during you trip you don't want to ride your bicycle anymore, we organize your transfer by taxi but all the extra cost will be charged (you pay on spot).
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What is the average length of a day stage?

Depending on the trip, you ride between 30 and 50km a day, 3 or 5 hours a day at a slow pace (10km/h).
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At what time do I have to be at the starting point?

In most cases, you have to be at the starting point between 9h and 12h the first day.
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Who should I call in case of emergency?

The emergency number is the +33 9 70 40 85 22. We analyze your situation and find a solution or put you in touch with the most appropriate person as quickly as possible.
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How can I subscribe to insurance?

In partnership with Chapka, we offer a cancellation insurance and a multirisk insurance (including cancellation). You can view the General Terms and Conditions by clicking here. Our insurances can be subscribed by residents of the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Norway. They must be subscribed the same day you book your trip and not afterwards.

For North American travelers: We recommends purchasing a travel/accident policy at home. It is never a bad idea to protect a carefully-planned trip with coverage for delays, illness, lost luggage, and even natural disasters-the best travel insurance can soften the impact of unforeseen events. Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended and facilitates peace of mind before and during your trip. This article can help you research the industry and find the right travel insurance provider.
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Do I have to wear a helmet?

It is mandatory to wear a helmet. It will be provided with your bike on demand except if not available on our trip description. For hygiene and comfort, we strongly recommend you to bring yours if you have one.
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What happens if it rains?

The legs are not so long and many indoor activities are on the way. With appropriate clothes, you will still fully enjoy your day. Don’t forget that your spare clothes will be protected: either in our waterproof rear packs, either in your suitcase which is transported to your next lodging. You will find dry clothes when you arrive. If needed, you can also contact us and we will organize your transfer by taxi with your bikes. Extra costs will be charged.
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Are your trips guided?

Our trips in France and Europe are not guided. We send you before your departure your travel documents including a road book with detailed maps, the description of your tour as well as a touristic leaflet. You are completely free to ride at your own pace and to stop anywhere you want.
However, our trips in Asia are guided.
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How is my luggage transferred from place to place?

Taxis or private transport companies bring your luggage to the next lodging. The transfer is done between 10 am and 4 pm. You are requested to bring your luggage to the reception desk before 9.30 am every morning and to place the provided luggage tag on your luggage.
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What type of accommodation do you offer?

You can choose between 3 accommodation categories for most of our trips.
All our packages include breakfast.

"Category A": you are staying in ** hotels with all the necessary comfort after a day outside. You are warmly welcome in those family-run hotels.

"Category B": you are staying in better class hotels (** hotels and more) or in quality bed & breakfasts selected for their style and hospitality.

"Category C": you are staying in small castles or manors providing excellent service quality.
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What do I find in the travel documents?

We send your travel documents by email after receipt of the full payment. You can discover the routes in advance and think about where you want to stop on the way. The paper documents can only be sent inside France.

It is a small package which contains:

  • a road book or route-description pages: it will guide you along the route you picked. Icons refer to activities or must-sees on the way.
  • a touristic leaflet. Different activities are listed with practical information and anecdotes.
  • a description of the meeting points, addresses and access map of your accommodation
  • vouchers for your hosts
  • a luggage tag if your package includes luggage transport
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Can I give a trip as a gift?

You can give as a gift the trip of your choice by clicking on "As a gift". We send you a gift card which describes the trip. The recipient just has to contact us to fix the date of his trip depending on the availabilities. He/she can change the destination as he/she wishes. The price difference will be charge if there is any.
We can also issue coupons with a specific amount on demand.
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