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Arrangements in COVID-19 times

Covid-19 : what are the special terms of cancellation and postponement of your booking ?

In the ever-changing context of Covid-19 times, we have amended our cancellation and postponement policy to give you more flexibility for your travel plans.

If there are travel restrictions in effect which make travelling impossible like :
  • closed borders or a ban on non-essential travels
  • a lockdown or restrictions on inter-regional travels
  • a shutdown for hotels
the travel will be canceled or postponed free of charge.
In case of cancellation, the total amount of the booking excluding the insurance premium will be reimbursed.
If you decide to postpone the trip, the downpayment will be kept and deducted on the amount of the later booking.

The closure of restaurants and/or a limited access to touristic sites cannot be invoked to cancel or postpone the trip free of charge. Le Vélo Voyageur together with your hosts will make all the necessary arrangements to provide meals (advance booking, delivery, meal-trays). You will be kept informed in due time if any plans need to be made regarding food or visits.

If you are positive to Covid-19 before departure or if you are put into quarantine before departure
, the general cancellation and modification policy apply. However, the cancellation costs can be covered by your travel insurance.

Make sure you have a travel insurance when you book and check that your insurance provides coverage if you or one of your contact is tested positive to Covid-19.
Residents of the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway can purchase an insurance on our website when booking their trip.

Covid-19 : what is covered by the optional insurances offered by our partner Axa Assistance on our website?

« Cancellation » insurance

The benefits of our « cancellation » insurance provided by Axa Assistance have been extended to provide better protection. The insurance covers the cancellations costs :
  • In case the beneficiary or one of its contacts is tested positive to Covid-19 before departure
  • In case the beneficiary is put into quarantine before departure, with certification of a doctor's note
  • In case the beneficiary is denied access to transportation following a temperature control (or other sanitary control) set by local authorities or the transport company.
For these reasons of cancellation, you will carry a deductible of €50 per person.

« Multirisks » insurance

The benefits of the « cancellation » insurance are also contained in this contract, coupled with :
  • The reimbursement of medical expenses abroad if the beneficiary contracts Covid-19 when travelling abroad
  • The rapatriation for medical reasons if the beneficiary contracts Covid-19 when travelling abroad, based on the decision of the medical teams
  • The reimbursement of your additional hotel expenses, breakfasts and taxi rides incurred by an impossible return after a disruption of transport due to a lockdown declared by local authorities at destination (limit of €100 per day during maximum 10 days)
  • The extension of your stay at destination because the beneciary is put into quarantine after contracting Covid-19
If the beneficiary contracts Covid-19 when travelling and needs to interrupt the trip, the amount of pending services is not covered by the insurance policy.

What will happen if restaurants are closed ?

If special arrangements need to be made to eat during your trip (advance booking, delivery, meal-trays), Le Velo Voyageur will keep you updated in due time according to the situation. We will make sure together with your hosts that you are properly fed during your trip.
If you booked half-board and the foreseen arrangement cannot take place, we will organize a replacement plan and will adjust the price accordingly.